Physics and Astrophysics degree lecture notes

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Stellar Structure and Evolution

Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics [ Word Docs ]

Astro-Plasmas - additional notes

General Relativity Lectures

Relativistic Waves and Quantum Fields (MSci Physics)

Mathematical Aspects of Cosmology

Useful Book:
The Classical Theory of Fields Vol. 2 - Landau & Lifshitz [djvu]

Main Cosmology section (external site)

Angular Momentum and Accretion in Astrophysics

2B27 Environmental Physics

1B28 Thermal Physics short notes

Distant Future of the Sun and Earth revisited

The Collision Between the Milky Way and Andromeda

The Complete Star Formation History of the Universe

The size of the longest Filaments in the Universe

Life and Death in an Ever-Expanding Universe

Derivation of Eqn. 2, p.3 [RAR file]

Past Exam papers for some of the MSci Physics modules.

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